As the summer holidays are approaching, deliveries are estimated to take place on 30d August. The Art de Lys team wishes you a great summer!


We principally use long fibre cotton from Egypt. We also weave for somes creation wool and silk.

To simplify the product’s description, we defined the most employed materials in order to simplify it.

Face of the cushion

-     Woven in cotton             = 72% cotton, 25% viscose and 3% polyester or lurex.

-     Woven in wool               = 53% wool, 38% cotton, 7% polyester and 2% polyamide.

-     Woven in wool and silk  = 40% cotton, 27% silk, 26% wool, and 7% polyester.

-     Woven in silk                 = 53% silk, 43% cotton, 4% polyester.

Back of the cushion

Charm finishing touch, tapestries, runners and bell pulls:

  - Plain cotton back (100% cotton)

Elegance and VersoChic finishing touch:

   - Woven in cotton, composed of 72% cotton, 25% viscose and 3% polyester.

The lining of the cosmetic bags

 - 50 % acetate and 50% viscose.